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I sell downloadable, educational products.

📺📚 Yes or No Philosophy ($400)

Learn how and why to create clearcut yes-or-no answers to questions, and learn why the concept of “degrees of support” (such as the weight of the evidence or “strong” arguments) is a mistake. Includes a mix of videos and articles. Read more information.

📺 Behind The Scenes: Philosophy Writing ($25*)

Five video screencasts in which Elliot writes Fallible Ideas emails and narrates his thought process. See the philosophy writing process in action!

🎧 What To Read – with Alan Forrester ($15)

3 hour discussion with philosopher and physicist Alan Forrester regarding Elliot’s reading recommendations list. Topics include what’s in the books on the reading list and why they’d be interesting to read.

🎧 What To Read – with Justin Mallone ($15)

2.8 hour discussion regarding Elliot’s reading recommendations list with philosopher Justin Mallone. This fun chat will help you get interested in the books and see how they connect to the rest of the world.

🎧 Getting Your Life and Thinking In Order ($10*)

This podcast explains how to get your life in order. Topics include the connections between dealing with yourself, your spouse, your child, and others. Connections to Paths Forward are also explored.

📚  Atlas Shrugged Chapter 3 Close Reading  ($1+)

Analysis of ch. 3 of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. You can read ch. 1 and ch. 2 analysis for free, online.

📺 Reading Hard Passages ($5)

This video guides you through reading difficult text. Learn useful techniques with this example from Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics by George Reisman.

📺 Elliot’s Thoughts on Pricing ($5*)

Elliot shares his thoughts on pricing in this narrated keynote presentation video.

🎧 Children Should Make Decisions ($1+)

In this podcast, Elliot covers topics like which decisions children should make and how to think rationally about habits.

🎧 Helping Children Become Independent ($1+)

In this podcast, Elliot discusses how to help children grow up and become independent.

📚 Notes on Leonard Peikoff’s Philosophy of Education Course ($1+)

Real, informal notes on Leonard Peikoff’s Philosophy of Education Course. Learn about education, note taking, and Peikoff’s course. Read criticism of mistakes made by Peikoff.

📚 Notes on Leonard Peikoff’s Grammar Course ($1+)

Real, informal notes on Leonard Peikoff’s Principles of Grammar Course. Learn about grammar, note taking, and Peikoff’s course.

📚 Fallible Ideas Extras ($1+)

Essays and slideshows about psychiatry, philosophy, not fighting, and basic observations.

🎧 Liberalism and More – with Justin Mallone ($1+)

3 hour discussion with philosopher Justin Mallone about liberalism, the power of ideas, the harmony of men’s interests, and more.

📺 = Video, 🎧 = Audio, 📚 = Written material

Product titles are links to a store page with more info and a purchase button. A + indicates that you can name your own price, and a * indicates tiered pricing.